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What is JA Inspire?

JA Inspire Virtual is a re-imagined, virtual career exploration fair that allows California middle and high school students to explore the careers of the future and equip them with critical work readiness skills, ultimately preparing them for success.

The only program of its kind in Northern California, JA Inspire connects students to top industries and businesses via our on-demand virtual experience through three parts: (1) online, pre-event career assessment and preparatory lesson(s); (2) the virtual career experience; and (3) a post-event reflection and debrief. Combined, this program offers valuable context for students’ career and educational pathway planning.

Within the virtual experience, students attend webinars, explore local and national company career booths, download resources and view videos exploring different career pathways. There is also the opportunity to interact with industry experts from many different California businesses, in a safe, virtual learning experience that can be adapted for in-person, remote or synchronous/asynchronous learning.

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  • Exhibitor booths from business across Northern California.
  • Representation from a wide variety of industries across multiple career sectors.
  • Downloadable data from exhibitors including videos, documents, and other helpful resources.
  • Pre-recorded webinar addresses from local professionals representing a wide variety of industries.
  • Self-guided content available from October 10, 2022 through the end of the school year.


  • Help to define what careers appeal to students based on their personal interests and abilities.
  • Educate students on local career options that make up the workforce in Northern California.
  • Identify the wide variety of career options available the area.
  • Learn what specific qualifications, education requirements and skill sets are necessary to perform specific jobs.
  • Further define what careers appeal to individuals based on personal interests and abilities.
  • Reinforce the importance of staying in school and graduating from high school.
  • Explore additional educational options post high school.
  • Strengthen knowledge of soft skills and work readiness by viewing multiple webinar addresses from local professionals.

About Junior Achievement of Northern California inspires and prepares young people to success in a global economy by becoming financially literate, workforce ready, and armed with an entrepreneurial mindset.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Students will have the chance to explore future career opportunities by visiting virtual career booths featuring different industries where they can watch videos, download career information into their virtual backpack, and utilize the Q&A option to ask questions. They can also access on-demand webinars from industry experts in a variety of career pathways.

This is a virtual event; no transportation needed! In addition to the virtual experience, if you are interested in having a JA Career Speaker visit your class, please contact Mary Diligent at

The JA Inspire Virtual Career Fair will open October 10, 2022 and will remain open for students to visit and revisit through July 9, 2023.

Beginning October 10, 2023, go to:
Click the “login” button

  • Teachers who register a class will be sent unique logins (no passwords required) for the number of students registered to attend the event.
  • Individual students who have registered can login using the email address provided at registration.
  • If you have not registered for JA Inspire, scroll to the top of this page and click the “Registration” button.

YES! Students may revisit JA Inspire through July 10, 2023, and can save files which are stored in their virtual backpack for 9 months. Files may also be sent to a provided email.

Each student will have a unique login for the virtual event; however, it will not contain any personal information. If a student chooses, they may enter an email address to download materials provided by the attending companies. Student information is never shared by JA or vFairs.